The above flash is something I put together the first day I downloaded flash. It's a very simple game in which you try to follow the pattern of the flashing symbols. If you miss, it shows you the pattern again, and you have to restart. The first level is trivial, the second fairly easy, and the third is a little harder, as it's a little longer.

This showcases how quickly you can get things up and running with Flash. Within a couple hours of downloading the trial, one can put together a fairly simple multi-scene interactive Flash. There are some caveats, however. For instance, note that the pattern is always the same - there is a lot that is hard coded that should ideally not be. As such, the time to create a level is longer than it should be (although the third level actually only took a handful of minutes to create, after honing my skills on the first two).

Note also that the first level A) doesn't say Level 1, and B) jumps around a bit. I'm leaving these imperfections in to remind me where I started. Each successive level gets better (to me) qualitatively.